1 to many idiots

1st posts since 2009 on this here blog, traffic light boredom has struck once again, i dont know how frequent these will be.
All the posts with floor boards have been uploaded today, they are old ones i forgot to post ages ago.

Anyway i think im just gonna stick em up around the joint instead of keeping em now.

This is a thought i had at around 7:30 am this morning driving down the freeway and yes you guessed it, it was a commodore driver and they overtook me in the far right lane, by that i mean the far right emergency lane. They were doing at least 150kmh and nearly took out my mirror, and continued on at that speed weaving violently through sleepy eyed morning traffic ahead of me

…One too many idiots.

Note the singular ‘o’ below instead of the required two in the too.
deliberate bad grammar to emphasize a point or mistake?
you decide.